Monday, April 20, 2009

Wolverine or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Prequel

The thing got leaked. I saw it. Was not impressed. Not that I was planning to see it in the theatre anyway, but I really didn't want to after seeing the work print.

Then I heard about the X-men films on Blu-ray. I had been planning on buying them so long as they were reasonably priced, and Best Buy was set to have them in store for 55 bucks on release day. Terrific. I had no qualms about paying that.

Then I heard that the individual releases had e-cash for a ticket to the Wolverine picture... but the box set didn't. "No big deal," I thought to myself. "I didn't even want to see it anyway."

But then I hear that Best Buy is doing a 2 for 35 dollars deal. Not only those 3 X-men films, but more than a few others I had been eyeballing. So I grab the three X-men films and Horton Hears a Who for about 17 bucks each. Each one of the movies comes with e-cash for one of three future Fox releases, most notably here being the Wolverine movie.

So I get a great deal on movies I wanted to buy, and I get to take the family out to see this Wolverine picture. And people say Blu-ray is too expensive. How often are DVDs available for 17 bucks on release day and come with free tickets to a sequel in the theatre? Ok, it's probably not that unusual, but it's still pretty good, especially since these X-men movies are freaking packed with extras.

And anyway, even if the Wolverine movie is just as bad as the workprint, it doesn't cost a thing and the action is top notch regardless. Just disappointing what they did with my homeboy Deadpool.

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