Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beatlemania Running Wild



There are two failures I see here.

#1: Only a remaster. Where's the remix? The stereo mixes are badmouthed constantly, so why not do proper stereo remixes using the mono mix as the basis? This would give stereo mixes which are the aural equal of the superior mono mix. It's not that mono is better, it's that the stereo mix is worse! On top of this, do it in 5.1. Surround, motherfucker.

#2: No high resolution release. I wouldn't buy it on SACD or DVD-A myself, but when they remaster in a high resolution form, they should make it available in a high resolution form. There are rumors of Blu-ray and vinyl releases. But screw that. Where are those releases now? Also: screw vinyl. Analog media, even if high resolution, is too easily damaged by simply playback, and I really don't want to buy myself a turntable just to hear this music.

But they got the Rock Band game, so I can't really be mad... but now I play the waiting game for my boxsets and game to arrive from Amazon. Still surprised they actually sold out before street date. Weird.

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