Friday, August 21, 2009

New PS3... who cares?

So a new PS3 is coming out. Should be good. Smaller, less electricity, lower price (300 bucks, nice), and even bitstreaming HD audio (not that that matters).

But I don't care. PS3 still lacks exclusive games I care about. Not the 360 actually has it, but I already have a 360 and it's still cheaper.

But the thing that bugs me: they missed their chance for PS2 software emulation. I mean, technically they should be able to do it with a firmware update to the fat model even, but they apparently don't want it. It's terrible. It's one thing for a Super Nintendo to not be compatible with NES cartridges, but once everything is optical discs, there is NO excuse for not having software emulation at the very least. I only own one Gamecube game, but I am so damned grateful the Wii is compatible regardless. It's just asinine to ACTIVELY not have this feature. Yeah, that's right, Sony USED TO have emulation for PS2 in PS3. Older models even had whole chipsets devoted to it. Then it became software emulation. Then that was dropped too.


Oh well, at least PS3s dropping down to 300 should make them more appealing to the general masses, and once a PS3 is in their home, Blu-ray should be able to jam its foot in the door more easily. And as market penetration for the format goes up, that means the studios will finally get off their asses and bring the titles they've been sitting on.

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