Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The nerve of those on

There's a site called On the site people post things there that happen to them. Bad things. Things that might make a person say him or herself, "fuck my life"...

I read this one just now:

"Today, I was going to propose to my girlfriend of 3 years. I got reservations for a romantic dinner, and at the end, fireworks would spell out my proposal. The whole thing had taken weeks to plan out and had cost me a lot of money. She proposed to me at a subway station first. FML."

What the fuck. Really? What does it matter? Fuck you, bro. The end scenario is the same, a happily ever after. How dare you be upset? That just gives you a funny story to tell: "I had planned an enormous proposal, but coincidentally, my girlfriend spontaneously proposed that night before I had the chance." That's not sad or messed up, that's cute.


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