Saturday, July 25, 2009

If I only have two ears, why do I have 7 speakers?

Dropped a ton of cash on a receiver and some speakers. It's great. Got it because the reviews of Watchmen finally pushed me to take the plunge. And the film was great, even if the dialog was overly quiet; that just made the explosions of sound hit even harder due to the overall higher volume necessary. But I digress.

The receiver doesn't have stereo input. I don't get it. The standard 3.5 mm "headphone" jack. Can't take input from that. And that's all my computer's sound card can output, and that's how I listen to my CDs. But the thing has plenty of RCA inputs I'll never use.

So I check Amazon, and yes, they have stereo-to-RCA cables. They cost a couple dollars, and I opt to pay a couple dollars more to get it next day. I wanted them right away, but didn't feel like driving up to Best Buy and spending 15 bucks on the same product.

It came in while I was asleep yesterday. I set it up when I got home from work this morning. Shit doesn't work. Oh, one side works, but the other doesn't.

So now I listen to one side of music. Hard pans fail completely. It's like wearing in-ear headphones, except only one. One. I pay all this money for a shitton of speakers and I get ONE input to play from. Thanks.

I think I'm going to splice up my own stereo-to-RCA cable on my day off next week. I'm not about to waste more money to get this shit to work, not when I'm confident that I can handle a simple splicing of two cables.

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