Saturday, January 30, 2010

FLCL + BD = ^_^

Hah. Been a while since I wrote anything here. Not that anyone reads it.

But I just heard that Funimation acquired the distribution rights for an anime called FLCL. Quite possibly the best anime ever made and the dub is the best dub that has ever been made. The old DVD has been out of print for YEARS, and it was always rare to begin with, but now, Funimation will give a wide release and I'll finally be able to own this.

But more than this, they'll be putting it on Blu-ray. I don't believe the show was created in HD, so it would probably be a SD upscale, but lossless audio is a MAJOR boon for this, because the Japanese band called The Pillows provided the soundtrack for the series and its easily one of the primary draws of the series.

And it's only 6 episodes long, so it's relatively easy to sit down and just hammer through the entire series in one sitting. It's so great.

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