Monday, June 29, 2009

Been a while

The other day I had the worst day at work.

Saturday nights are always pretty bad. People like to stay up all night ordering room service, and asking for towels that they don't even need, asking me to park their car at 3 AM only to leave again at 3:30. But this past week, there was an annoying church group in house.

So on top of getting my butt kicked all night long, causing me to be unable to fulfill many of my normal job tasks, it was these church people all night long. Asking for sheets and blankets at 3 AM. Asking for towels at 4 AM. Food orders all night. Luggage assist requests all night. And just enough of a smattering of people wanting to park valet so that I could spend the entire night on the precipice of madness.

And normally, the bad weekend nights aren't even that bad. Not only do they not ride me as hard, but I usually walk away from the ordeal with a pocket full of cash.

Not this time. These church people don't tip at all.


Honestly, I'm not one to squabble on tips. I do make an hourly rate and it's not exactly bad considering the work, but it is just incredibly disheartening to get my ass destroyed all night long and have nothing to show for it at the end. Especially considering the tips I got this past Saturday were less in total than what I would consider a typical weekday haul. Maybe I should just actually go ahead and see about trying to get weekends off. Even on the normal weekends, it can be really rough, and even coming out of it with a load of cash doesn't make up for it for me. Not like I really need money after all. Who needs money, really?

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